TET: Turkish Association of Electrical and Electronics Exporters: Trade delegations for target countries in order to help our exporting companies reach new markets and increase their exports through our efforts in 2018, We followed an intensive program consisting of fair participations and purchasing delegations. We supported our members with our existing markets where we carry out our exports intensively, as well as activities for the alternative countries we have identified. In this context, in 2018, we have carried out trade delegations to 8 countries, mainly in our target geographies, South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. As a union, we have provided prefinancing to our members to make delegation participation more attractive, and in addition, we have financed their expenses from our budget at 25%. We will continue to support our members in the same way in the 11 delegations we have planned for 2019.

With the Purchasing Delegations, where we hosted representatives from the environment and remote geographies, we have enabled our exporters to realize new business agreements by increasing their international recognition. It was the most exported markets of our European, Asian and Middle Eastern sectors, especially eu member states. 61.6% of our exports were made to European countries with $6.9 billion. In addition, this year, we increased our exports by 17% in Asia, where our target countries are located, and by 21% in North America. In addition, under the leadership of the Ministry of Commerce, we have enabled 725 exporters to have green passports in the last two calendar years in order to facilitate international markets.